Zing! Mathematica one-liners

I love the elegant simplicity of programming in Mathematica. There is something undeniably beautiful about accomplishing something complex in a concise chunk of code. A famous Mathematica mantra is, “if you are using a For loop, you are probably doing it wrong.” I encourage Mathematica programmers to keep that in mind.

To illustrate the efficiency of Mathematica code, I’d like to draw your attention to the recent results of Wolfram’s “One-Liner Competition”. Each program in the competition is 140 characters or less. Yes, that’s right… tweetable programs. You can watch screencasts of the winner and honorable mentions here.

For those who work in biological modelling, I recommend checking Yves Klett’s entry. It gives a new meaning to the old modelling punchline “assume all cows are spheres”.