Zing! Mathematica one-liners

I love the elegant simplicity of programming in Mathematica. There is something undeniably beautiful about accomplishing something complex in a concise chunk of code. A famous Mathematica mantra is, “if you are using a For loop, you are probably doing it wrong.” I encourage Mathematica programmers to keep that in mind.

To illustrate the efficiency of Mathematica code, I’d like to draw your attention to the recent results of Wolfram’s “One-Liner Competition”. ¬†Each program in the competition is 140 characters or less. Yes, that’s right… tweetable programs. You can watch screencasts of the winner and honorable mentions here¬†and download a notebook of the programs here.

For those who work in biological modelling, I recommend checking Yves Klett’s entry. It gives a new meaning to the old modelling punchline “assume all cows are spheres”.

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Ben Nolting

Ph.D. Candidate at University of Nebraska

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