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Text and symbol size in multi-panel figures in R

In R, there are a couple of packages that allow you to create multi-panel figures (see examples here and here), but, of course, you can also make multi-panel figures in the base package*. Below I provide a simple example for creating a multi-panel figure in the R base package with the focus on making the text and symbols the same size in all of your figures, which is a desirable trait for a set of figures that will appear in the same manuscript.

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Voronoi Diagrams in Mathematica

Ecological models sometimes find very unexpected applications. Work on wolf territory modeling by Mark Lewis’s research group at the University of Alberta has been employed by researchers studying gang territories in Los Angeles. You can check out that paper by Smith, Bertozzi, Tita, and Valasik in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems.

This Smith et al. paper uses Voronoi diagrams as a null model for territorial use. Voronoi diagrams pop up in modeling forest canopy structure, and a variety of other ecological applications. Given the their utility, I am devoting today’s post to an overview of computing and displaying them in Mathematica.

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